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In the ’80s, quirky alien Emily crash-lands near the quaint town of Stony Plain, desperate to find the enigmatic fuel “115.” 

In the ’80s, quirky alien Emily crash-lands near the quaint town of Stony Plain, desperate to find the enigmatic fuel “115.” Stuck in a time loop, she relives her mission daily, struggling to blend in while searching for the elusive substance. Every morning, kindhearted JT offers Emily a ride, and she glimpses something special in him that others overlook. As her encounters with the townsfolk spark hilarious misadventures, she unexpectedly finds love with JT, navigating the complexities of human behavior and dodging jealous Catherine’s advances.



Kimi AlexanderEmily
Barret CoatesJT
Morgan LeBlancMorgan
Megan ReneauCatherine
Tyler DuffyStanley
Kimberly PhilpotSally
Abby MunnDina
Alessia RivardKaylee
Kelsey VoelkerAnna
Scott JanzenTerry
Ashley AlmonTerry’s Sister
Geordie CheesemanOfficer
Julia Van DamWaitress
Paul HuculakJohn
Terrence Van CampPassenger
Della HuynhDella
William ChoyPharmacist
DirectorDave H. Macon
ProducerDave H. Macon
Associate ProducerMegan Reneau
Director of PhotographyKen Nemetchek
Written byKen Nemetchek, Dave H. Macon, Brandon Rhiness
Story byDave H. Macon
Line ProducerSam Au
Production ConsultantDavid Bond
Makeup Department HeadJaime Clarke
Makeup AssistantSara Menses
Hair Department HeadCourtney Raham
MUFXCourtney Raham
Locations PAJaime Hill
First Assistant DirectorJoel Chanin
Second Assistant DirectorTrevor Wiebe
Costume DesignerCaitlin Varrin
Craft ServicesAmanda DeLeeuw
1st Assistant CameraEmily Kiara
2nd Assistant CameraNarisse Richert
Digital Assistant DirectorDion Turner
Production DesignerLacey Oleson
Art PAJamyz Smith
Sound Mixer/BoomChris Hummel
Script SupervisorPaul Huculak
GafferDavid Puff
Key GripBrandon Knudsen
GripRiley McNally
Construction CoordinatorTrevor Wiebe, Levon Rodwell
Prop MasterLaura Steel


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4oGXAWzickhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFhqpTK9Ysc
  • https://tv.apple.com/us/episode/element-115/umc.cmc.76uh8r4vbu8qzxx96knaqksve?showId=umc.cmc.5oskhew2i7hsalu608k63mfca
  • https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=638014607729703


Dave H. Macon


Ken Nemetchek, Dave H. Macon, Brandon Rhiness


Kimi Alexander, Barret Coates, Morgan LeBlanc
95 minutes
release date
Coming Summer 2024